Norco Addiction Signs

Drug abuse and addiction is a relatively old phenomenon that has plagued the world since time immemorial. In the past, drug abuse and addiction primarily pointed to the use of illegal or illicit drugs and substances mainly acquired on the streets and from other unofficial sources of supply. However, recent times have seen the tide turn towards prescription drugs.

Actually, the trend nowadays indicates that more prescription drugs are being abused compared with illegal drugs. Top in the prescription drug abuse category are narcotic drugs or opiates, especially those used to relieve pain or to suppress coughs.

Norco belongs to the category of synthetic opiates mainly used in relieving moderate or severe pain. It contains two main ingredients, namely hydrocodone, which qualifies the drug as an opiate, and acetaminophen, known to boost the effects of the drug as a palliative. Norco may also be used in other instances for treating insomnia and anxieties.

Norco Addiction Signs

Although the drug is a synthetic opiate, its effects and characteristics bear a lot of resemblance to most natural opiates. Actually, its withdrawal symptoms and side effects are very similar to those of Morphine. In addition, it is known to contain a high potential for abuse and consequently addiction.

Like with other drugs (prescription and non-prescription), Norco addiction is behavioral in nature. This is because it entails taking the drugs in quantities not in line with recommendations of medical practitioners, or for pleasure or recreational purposes. People using these drugs for recreational purposes are mainly enticed by the euphoric effects that are induced by this drug.

However, there are instances where an individual may increase the dosage in an effort to relieve acute pain resulting from withdrawal, or to control misdiagnosed anxiety, depression or trauma. Either way, by doing so, they are not following the recommendations of healthcare providers.

Addiction to Norco comes with numerous side effects whose severity is dependent on various factors. Because it is a prescription drug, it can be difficult for many individuals to known when their loved ones are abusing or are addicted to Norco. There are variations in the intensity of the signs of Norco addiction, mainly based on the individual’s health, amount consumed and length of time the drug has been taken.

Be on the lookout for signs such as unexplained behavioral or mood changes, secluded behavior with the individual preferring his or her own company, dishonesty, abandoning old friends for new acquaintances, and other dishonest tendencies.

Users addicted to Norco may engage in doctor shopping, visiting several doctors in different institutions in an effort to obtain more of the drugs. The individual may also try to get the drugs from illegal sources. Given the fact that these drugs are expensive they may engage in unethical or illegal behavior in an effort to obtain the drug.

Norco addiction can be overcome with the proper guidance. If you or someone you love is developing an addiction to Norco, contact your physician or a treatment center today.

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