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Controlled drugs come with a high risk of user addiction. Recent data have actually indicated that addiction to drugs prescribed in medical facilities is not only possible, but it is a real problem and increasing at an alarming rate. This is especially true of painkillers or cough suppressants, mainly due to the ease with which many people obtain and consume these drugs. Unfortunately, every time an individual has a headache or is in pain, they more often than not just take a painkiller without seeking the opinion of qualified medical practitioners. This increases the risk of abuse, dependency and consequently addiction.

Norco addiction has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. This is a drug available by prescription only, used in relieving pain. Being a narcotic, it has a high potential for addiction and abuse, compared with other forms of medication.

Norco Addiction

Overuse or abuse of Norco without the guidance of qualified medical practitioners can lead to dependency. Physical dependency is characterized by intensive craving for the drug. Withdrawal may also occur if the individual goes for too long without taking the medication. These symptoms prompt users to take the drugs for continued periods of time. Due to the drug’s ability to alter the functioning of pain receptors in the individual’s brain, they feel abnormal when they go for too long without taking the drugs. Withdrawal symptoms result from the reaction of the body to the deficiency of the chemicals that it has become accustomed to.

Norco addiction takes many people by surprise, since they are often unaware dependency is developing, whether physical or psychological. For many people, the increase in the amount of Norco medication taken was an innocent attempt to control severe chronic pain, improperly addressed trauma, anxiety, depression or emotional pain. For some people, taking more of the drug is an attempt to experience euphoria or ease the withdrawal symptoms from the drug resulting from dependency.

Taking Norco for a long period of time can and does produce chemical tolerance. This happens when an individual has to take more Norco to experience similar effects as before. This results from the continuous deposition of the drug residue in an individual’s body, leading to decreased effectiveness of the drugs. The higher doses eventually become ineffective and therefore, the individual has to increase from time to time. Eventually, this not only leads to addiction but may result in overdose, sometimes with fatal results.

While all narcotic drugs have a high potential for addiction or abuse, following the prescriptions of qualified medical practitioners reduces the risk of developing addiction and is therefore safer. It is often difficult to tell when addiction has set in, especially for prescription drugs.

However, you need to be on the lookout for consumption of higher doses of the drug than normal which leads a user to finish their prescription faster than normal. In addition, the individual may engage in doctor shopping, going to a number of different doctors to get the drugs. Often the individual undergoes mood swings, especially when they have not taken the drugs for some time.

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